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Our story

The talent behind the tweed revival - Really Wild Founder, Natalie Lake, has created luxury classic British clothes for women. We have now evolved to branch into high fashion bridging the gap between town and country.

Really Wild Clothing was created by Natalie Lake, who spotted a gap in the market for chic, well-tailored, classic garments with a modern twist. In 2002, she collaborated with the Royal Berkshire Shooting School after failing to find the kind of attire she wanted to wear. This was the year that Really Wild Clothing was founded.

Her approach was to create luxury, timeless collections that has broad appeal to UK and international customers, using bespoke tweeds, high quality leather and hand crafted boots. Her passion for design reflects our glorious countryside traditions. Beautifully made and finely detailed, Really Wild's classic tailoring is for women who move easily and confidently between city life and countryside pursuits.

Our history

We will take you through our brief 15 years history, which has cemented our brand values for years to come.

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Frustrated with the country pursuits clothing for women, Natalie Lake founded Really Wild to provide elegant yet practical country clothing for women.


The Duchess of Cambridge modelled for Really Wild at the CLA Game Fair and launched the brand in National Press. Really Wild launched it's first shop at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School.

Our founder

I think of clothes as a form of art. When I'm designing, I could almost be painting.

Meet Natalie Lake. She's the founder and the designer at Really Wild.

Her life, ambitions and her curious mind have always been shaped by her devotion to fine design. She studied interior architecture and began her career working alongside architects in London. Fashion was what set her pulse racing more than any other industry. She was utterly in love with the fabrics, the movement, the silhouettes and the empowering qualities that lay within every fibre of yarn. She wanted to set them free.

And so Really Wild was born.

Every garment within the Really Wild collections has been designed by Natalie. She calls them her creations.

Our design values

Every garment we design, may it be a tailored coat or Spanish boot, encompasses our heritage and our brand values.

Inspired design

Our greatest inspiration is the enchanting vistas of the Great British countryside from highland moors to pebble-strewn shores. The ever-evolving colours, the rich variance in texture, the changing pace of the landscapes and the sheer beauty in the wildlife and plant life that we are surrounded in. Our designs are reflective of what nature has given us. They're the embodiment of woodland, pastures, mountains, lakes and coastlines. They're the depiction of the wild.

Confidence in colour

Grey is a shade to adore, but it's taken hold of too many wardrobes. Women use colour more scrupulously than ever before, but Really Wild's collections embrace the entire spectrum. And because every hue is an imitation of colours created by nature, they're effortless to wear. Colour elevates an outfit to a very special place. It's integral to how we design.

Tailored approach

Tailoring is something for which we have a deep respect. The finest yarns will never achieve their potential without the right treatment, and so our designs are made slowly and properly by the same tailors, who craft the collections for Stella McCartney.

Quality is just one of the threads of the tailored approach. Fit matters greatly to our founder Natalie too, who established Really Wild in response to the lack of choice in women's attire or the country. The garments have been designed to celebrate femininity and fit true to size.

Beautifully British

Only the most sublime yarns make the cut. Pure silk, luxury geelong, high-grade cashmere and wool. Our belief in blending sought-after materials is unwavering. Wherever possible, Really Wild will source and make here in Britain, working with esteemed mills, including the historic Linton Tweed Mill, heralded by the likes of Chanel.

Although some designs embody a spirit that belongs overseas. Such as the Spanish Boot collection, which is crafted by a small, family-run workshop in the southern region of Spain.