Meet Natalie Lake. She’s our founder and the designer at Really Wild.

Her life, ambitions and her curious mind have always been shaped by her devotion to fine design. She studied interior architecture and began her career working alongside architects in London.

Fashion was what set her pulse racing more than any other industry. She was utterly in love with the fabrics, the movement, the silhouettes and the empowering qualities that lay within every fibre of yarn. She wanted to set them free.

And so, in 2002, Really Wild was born.

“I think of clothes as a form of art. When I’m designing, I could be painting.”

– Natalie Lake

From City, to Country

Natalie’s designs are a reflection of her own life, which constantly takes her from country to city and back again. ‘As with all our collections, current and historically, versatility is the key’

Every garment within the Really Wild collections has been designed by Natalie. She calls them her creations. Natalie’s inspiration is evident in every collection; timeless, modern styles that are rich in British heritage.

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